About AutoDave

             - Bennett Haselton

Dave Barry is a humor columnist who writes for the Miami Herald. His official Web site has archives of his columns going back to 1996.

AutoDave was written in August 1998 while I was supposed to be working. The existence of the Web site was kept secret while I tried to contact the Miami Herald and Dave Barry to make sure it was OK with them. Meanwhile, some search engines picked up on it accidentally, and the site began showing up in people's searches for "Dave Barry". Eventually I got a postcard from Dave's research department saying the site was not a problem, but it goes without saying that this is still an unofficial "fan site" that hasn't been endorsed by Dave or his publishers.

On January 7, 1999, the American Journalism Review listed AutoDave on their Web site, and on that single day the site got more hits than it had in the previous six months combined.

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