CSDecode was released be Peacefire in April 1997. The program was designed to be run on a machine with CYBERsitter 2.12 installed; CSDecode would read the CYBERsitter filter file ("cywin0.opt"), decrypt it, and print the list of blocked Web sites, words and phrases into a plain text file. The program is still archived here, even though it is useless today since it only works with CYBERsitter 2.12, which is no longer available.

Prior to the release of CSDecode, CYBERsitter's list had never been made public; CYBERsitter told one columnist, "That list is not given to anybody under any circumstances -- including law enforcement agencies that have requested it."

When CSDecode was released, CYBERsitter sent a letter to Peacefire's webmaster threatening legal action if the program was not taken down. James Tyre, an attorney who would later become one of the founding members of the Censorware Project, volunteered pro bono to CYBERsitter a reply to their demand letter, stating that the company had no legal case against Peacefire. The demand letter was sent to Brian Milburn, CEO of Solid Oak Software, by email and registered mail. Mr. Milburn received the email but then refused to sign for the demand letter when it was delivered by registered mail. The lawsuit that CYBERsitter had originally threatened, was never filed.