How to disable CYBERsitter

To disable CYBERsitter 99 or CYBERsitter 2000:
Change the registry value

from 1 to 0. CYBERsitter will now be disabled. Change the value from 0 back to 1 to re-enable it.

To disable CYBERsitter 97:
Recommended method (see also alternate methods):

You can help spread this information to people who have CYBERsitter installed on their computer. Just download this banner and put it on your Web page:

It won't work if you simply copy the words "Rename the file c:\windows\system\wsock32.dll" etc., because CYBERsitter can block strings of words from appearing in Web pages. If everybody just copies the words onto their page, then CYBERsitter will just add those word combinations to their list of blocked phrases, and then people with CYBERsitter on their computer won't be able to view the page anyway. However, CYBERsitter cannot detect words that are part of an image.

Before you add the image to your page, name it something random like 8e4jcc.gif. If everybody names the file disable-cybersitter97-banner.gif, then CYBERsitter will just add the phrase "disable cybersitter 97 banner" to their list of blocked phrases, and the image won't be viewable on computers running CYBERsitter.

Also, be sure to copy the image to your site, instead of linking to the image on -- if you link to this image, it won't be viewable from computers running CYBERsitter since CYBERsitter blocks this site.

Alternate methods

You can download a program from:
which supposedly includes a file that you can run to display the master CYBERsitter 97 password on your computer. We didn't write this program and haven't tested it, so please let us know how it works for you. In any case, the recommended method above is much simpler -- the only reason you might want to use this method is if some security software installed on your system prevents you from renaming the files wsock32.dll and wsockc97.dll.